Hugo Schott

LIRIS, Lyon, France


I'm a PhD student in Computer Graphics at Université Lyon 1. I'm part of the ORIGAMI team and the ARCHES group, at LIRIS. My subject is about virtual terrain edition, with a strong focus on erosion simulation.


At the moment, I have published about a large-scale interactive erosion simulation to edit mountain ranges. I am currently working on stream power erosion, glacial erosion, braided rivers and multi-scale erosion.


I am participating in teaching activities at university, with bachelor and master students.

  • Algorithms, complexity, basic C++ (L2)
  • Numerical methods - Linear system solving, Interpolation (L3)
  • Algorithms, programming, complexity, C++ (L3)
  • Computer Graphics basis - Signed Distance Functions (L3)
  • Computer Graphics - Ray tracing (M1)
  • Advanced C++ programming (M1)


Terrain Amplification using Multi-Scale Erosion

H. Schott, E. Galin, E. Guérin, A. Peytavie, A. Paris.

ACM Transactions on Graphics, ?, 2024.

Large-scale terrain authoring through interactive erosion simulation

H. Schott, A. Paris, L. Fournier, E. Guérin, E. Galin.

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 42(5), 2023.

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